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BiPAP Therapy


Bilevel positive airway pressure, is similar to CPAP therapy. However with BiPAP therapy there are two different pressure settings for the patient.

What to Expect

With continuous positive airway pressure or (CPAP) the machine delivers a constant steady stream of airway pressure during sleep.

BiPAP therapy is used to treat more than just sleep apnea. The bipap machine is able to detect how much pressure a patient needs and supply the adequate amount of air pressure on inhalation and exhalation.

The dual settings of the BiPAP machine, you will be able to get more air into, and out of the lungs without the normal muscular activity needed to do so.

Bilevel positive airway pressure therapy is really useful for people who have congestive heart failure and different types of lung disorders, particularly patients who have above normal carbon dioxide.

BiPAP therapy is also used in treating central sleep apnea a sleep disorder characterized by failure of the brain to signal the chest muscles to breathe.

Why It Is Done?

Patients who are treated with BiPAP therapy have been found to have breathing disorders beyond sleep apnea.
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