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Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital Volunteers are a very important part of our team, and Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital is blessed to have such a dedicated group of talented and caring people willing to give us two of their greatest gifts: time and skills.

Because we value our volunteers and feel strongly that they are a vital part of our organization, we have a philosophy of ensuring that all volunteers, like our staff, are kept informed and up-to-date regarding plans for new services, new technology, new physicians, hospital events, etc. Our rule of thumb is to communicate internally first whenever possible, and then externally.

Because of this philosophy, Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital Volunteers serve as ambassadors for the hospital within their families, their friendship circles and spheres of influence and within their communities. They often know about things going on within the hospital before the public knows about them. They often have tours of new areas and demonstrations of new technology before the public does. Our Volunteers help us to educate the public and our community about their local hospital.

We like to think of them as an adjunct of our public relations staff!

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