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Why give blood

Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital, in cooperation with the American Red Cross, holds blood drives periodically throughout the year. There are many reasons why it’s important to give blood. Here are a few interesting facts:

  • Every day, patients across the U.S. need an average of 38,000 units of blood.

  • More than 186,000 pints of blood are needed yearly just in our Great Lakes region!

  • Hospitals in Michigan use approximately 2000 pints EACH day.

  • Each blood donation may be divided into three components: red cells, plasma and platelets.

  • One blood donation may help save the lives of up to three people.

  • Patients with cancer, leukemia, heart disease and other serious illness may need blood transfusions to survive, as well as victims of accident or trauma.

  • A Gift of Life

Here is an excerpt from a person who shared her story with the American Red Cross Michigan Blood Services:

“It wasn’t unusual for me to have blood or platelets every other day during my chemotherapy. While I can’t tell you the exact number of units I received (it was a lot), I can tell you this: if it weren’t for the generosity of so many blood donors, I wouldn’t be here today. You really do give the gift of life.”

-A patient who recently celebrated three years of remission from leukemia

We encourage you to help meet the need for blood throughout the year. 

  • Sue Briggs, Blood Bank Coordinator
  • Mark Zingery, Laboratory Administrative Director
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