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Board of Directors

Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital is a corporation overseen by a volunteer board of directors. New directors are appointed by the current membership. Board members volunteer their time and are not paid or compensated in any way. They generally spend a minimum of 72 hours of meeting time each year, as well as additional time studying board packets, attending education sessions, and other tasks necessary as part of their board responsibilities.

Board members are appointed who represent the broad service area of Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital. The current board is comprised of members from Ludington, Scottville, Pentwater, Hart and Manistee.

We would like to publicly thank our board of directors for their dedication, hard work and community stewardship.

Al Deering
Board Chair

Chuck Dillon, JD
Board Vice-Chair

Ken Rocco

Jeanne Oakes
Past Chair

Marc Lenz

Steve Strbich, DO
Chief of Staff

Darin Gurizzian, DO
Vice Chief of Staff

Anthony Fabaz, DO
Board Member

J. Dean Gustafson
Board Member

Margaret Gustafson, MD
Board Member

Connie Krusniak, JD
Board Member

Judge Anthony Monton
Board Member

Allan Nelson, MD
Board Member

Jim Scatena
Board Member

Mark Vipperman

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