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Bone Densitometry

What is a Bone Density Test?
A bone density test uses X-ray to measure the bone mineral density in the spine, wrist and/or hip. These are the most common sites of fracture because of osteoporosis, a disorder where the bones become lighter, more brittle and less dense. This makes the bones weaker and increases their risk of fracture.

What to Expect During Your Exam
Once you arrive in the Imaging Department you will be asked to fill out a brief medical history and then be escorted to the exam room. You may be asked to change into a gown if you have metal snaps, zippers or buttons over the hip or spine areas. Otherwise, you can wear normal clothing for the test.

The actual exam time is less than 15 minutes. During the exam you will be asked to lie on a flat padded table and positioned by the technologist or nurse. The scanner arm will move back and forth over the part of your body being scanned. After your images are taken, the Medical Imaging staff will provide you with education regarding your personal risk factors and opportunities to improve your bone health.

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