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At Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital’s Family Birthing Center, we have three labor, delivery and recovery rooms that are specially decorated to make new parents feel comfortable and at home. Each room has a different look with decorative wallpaper in varying colors and borders, but all are large and roomy, with plenty of storage for personal belongings, wood trim, wall-mounted televisions, and comfortable beds. This is where new moms begin their journey of bringing new life into the world, so we have made each room fitting for this special occasion!

There are nine postpartum rooms where mothers and their infants room until they are ready to go home. All infants room with their new parents to ensure maximum bonding while still in the hospital. Our staff encourages new parents to hold their infants as much as possible and get familiar with their son or daughter! We assist with breast-feeding as needed, and are always available for questions and assistance with your infant’s care.

The Family Birthing Center also features a whirlpool bathroom. Mothers in labor often find that the swirling water of a gentle whirlpool helps them to relax and soothes the labor process. And, mothers who have already given birth enjoy the comfort of taking a relaxing bath. The whirlpool bathroom is specially designed and decorated to make mothers-to-be feel comfortable and at home.

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