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Foundation Overview

Linking your compassion to our mission of enhancing lives

Foundation’s Mission
To build relationships that foster philanthropy in support of Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital’s mission to enhance lives through exceptional healthcare.

Foundation’s Vision
To create a higher standard of healthcare in the communities Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital serves.

Foundation’s Purpose
To raise funds to further enable Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital to save lives and enhance health in our community.

Most people believe that philanthropy is the province of large corporations and foundations. The truth is that eighty-five percent of all charitable gifts in the United States are made by individuals and families. These are people who want to say "thanks" for a kindness or meaningful service and are families who truly want to make a difference in their community.

People expressing their concern for their communities nurture and drive philanthropy in three very special ways:

Contributions – Financial gifts are the cornerstone of the charitable work that challenges the mind, nourishes the body, enhances health, provides comfort and offers hope.

Association - Participation in an organization that fosters philanthropy is the fabric of our rich American culture.

Service - Sharing precious time and energy with causes we care about provides an opportunity to help those around us while we make friends with people who share common dreams, desires, aspirations and concerns.

Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital--your local, nonprofit hospital--offers you the following opportunities to experience the three components of philanthropy.

  • The Foundation’s Charitable Giving Programs provide an array of satisfying ways to have a very direct and meaningful impact on the hospital's life saving work by making a financial gift.

  • Through your association with the Foundation, you can become involved with people who share your interest in our work of healing and caring in the communities we serve.

  • Volunteering your time with us provides a way you can collaborate with us to deliver the very best health care services possible while you make a difference in our community.
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