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Foundation History

The Foundation was created in 2003 to support the hospital's mission to provide exceptional healthcare.

Our Story:

No one yet has figured out a way to predict when you, a family member or friend will need the healing resources of Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital and the physicians and staff associated with it. However, each day lives are changed because Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital delivers a blend of caring, technology and expertise at the right time.

Medicine is ever changing, evolving, and improving. Things deemed impossible yesterday are routine today, and tomorrow we will do things we can’t even envision today. To maintain the strong level of commitment and high standards of excellence we have established for ourselves, we must continuously seek ways to improve our services, technology and facilities.

Unfortunately, the reality in today’s healthcare environment for independent, nonprofit community hospitals is that while patient care is our core business, reimbursement for that care does not cover our cost of providing it. Thus, contributions from the people we serve play a greater role in providing the vital margin that is essential to funding our continued excellence and growth. That's precisely why in 2003 the Foundation was created.

The Foundation is administered by the Executive Director who reports to the President/CEO of Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital. The Foundation functions as a committee under the nonprofit legal status of Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital and operates as a separate entity under the guidance of a Foundation Executive Committee.

Because of the status of the Foundation, it serves as an important conduit through which the community can actively participate in the life of its hospital. The Foundation is currently made up of over fifty community volunteers serving on eight committees. These people recognize that excellence in healthcare depends on the generosity of the community’s citizens, and serve to implement strategies that attract financial contributions to support the mission of Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital. The money the Foundation generates is used to acquire sophisticated technology, create innovative services and build modern facilities.

As the central philanthropic arm of Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital, the Foundation invites you to help perpetuate the vision of excellence and caring by making a donation.

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