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How Gifts Are Used

Gifts help us remain the area’s leader in providing quality health care services by assisting us in developing innovative clinical care programs, attracting outstanding physicians, acquiring state-of-the-art equipment, providing outreach in the community, and training the next generation of caregivers.

Every gift goes directly to help people! Your gift to the Foundation will provide comfort to those who are ill and relief to those in pain now and in the years to come.


Unrestricted gifts are preferred because they can be combined with other gifts to make the most impact toward our mission. The unrestricted gifts pool enables Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital to make the most effective use of donated resources. However, if you wish, you may direct your gift to any of the departments or programs at Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital. All gifts made through the Foundation support patient care, community benefit programs, health education, building and equipment needs. Regardless of the program or project that you choose to support, please know that your gifts will help us to enhance life through exceptional healthcare and allow people to receive needed care right here in their own community.


Any gift to the Foundation can be made in memory of a loved one. Gifts may also be made to honor a friend or family member for a special occasion such as an anniversary or birthday or to express appreciation and say thank you for special caring by a caregiver, physician, nurse or business associate. In this way, your gift becomes a tribute to that person.

Tribute Gifts are often given:

  • In memory of a loved one, friend or business associate
  • To honor a birthday, anniversary or other important occasion for a relative or friend
  • To express appreciation for special care given by a nurse, physician or caregiver


All donations made to the Foundation regardless of size are very important to us and are acknowledged by a personal letter and gift receipt. Tribute Gifts are acknowledged with a personal letter sent to the person, or to the family of the person in whose name the gift is made notifying them of your generosity. The amount of the gift is not disclosed. The names of people making donations and those for which Tributes are made are published from time to time in Foundation publications. Anonymity is always granted when requested.


Gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible in accordance with the law.

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