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MMC Volunteers

The mission of the Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital Volunteers is to enhance and advocate for quality healthcare through hospital and community-based volunteer services.

Enhancing and advocating for quality healthcare takes many forms. Our volunteers provide many volunteer services within the hospital, working side by side with staff in various departments, helping to serve our patients and families, physicians and visitors.

Fundraising is also an important means of how Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital Volunteers enhance and advocate for quality local healthcare. From an active and engaged auxiliary that began in 1938 holding tag days and other fundraising events, to the newly blended and homogenous organization simply called “Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital Volunteers” that continues the tradition of the auxiliary with fundraising events, operating the gift shop and providing vendor sales within the hospital, more than $1 million dollars has been raised and donated by volunteers to Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital!

There are many in-hospital volunteer opportunities, ways to get involved outside of the hospital, as well as opportunities to serve on the volunteer board and the many volunteer committees that are structured as part of the board. If, after viewing any of our volunteer service opportunities, you would like to submit a Volunteer Application Form, or contact us to ask questions or get more information, we would be happy to hear from you! The process of becoming a volunteer is easy, and we always value your time, abilities and needs and work around your schedule.

Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital feels that the value of volunteers is incalculable, but that doesn’t stop us from trying! We track volunteer hours and provide awards and recognition for the amount of time our volunteers give. This is one of the many benefits of volunteering with us! Other benefits include:

  • meeting new people and friends
  • making lives better
  • free meals in the cafeteria
  • free volunteer uniform
  • membership in a respected organization
  • advance information on new services and physicians
  • improving healthcare for our communities
  • free flu shots and other innoculations
  • advocating for healthcare issues and reform
  • serving the community in a deeply meaningful way
  • special events and functions
  • periodic gifts just for volunteers
  • networking with other hospitals around the state
  • a quarterly newsletter
  • leaving your heartprint on those in need

As you can see, there are many reasons to get involved and volunteer! The volunteer history at Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital is steeped in local lore and dates back to the very beginnings of the hospital.

From fundraising to advocacy, from serving patients, helping staff and being ambassadors of the hospital in the community, membership in the Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital Volunteers is fun, informative and a great way to give back to the community in a way that touches people and makes lives better.

Please click here for links to volunteer-based websites.

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