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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists specialize in the treatment of upper extremity injuries/disorders. Diagnoses seen by OT’s can include: UE surgeries, fracture, tendon injuries or repair and cumulative trauma injuries (such as tennis elbow or carpel tunnel) as well as other hand dysfunctions. OT also treats neurologic conditions like CVA, MS and Parkinson's Disease.  OT can treat the physical dysfunction in pediatric patients.

Occupational Therapy plays an important role in the recovery from an injury or condition. We design customized therapy programs to include therapeutic exercise and manual techniques to ensure the right treatment for you. Occupational Therapy is also dedicated to assisting people to achieve independent lives through adaptive equipment, assistive devices and home adaptations.

Services Provided by Occupational Therapy Include:

            »UE Orthopedic Rehab
            »Hand Therapy
            »Lymphedema Management
            »Neurologic Rehab
            »Pediatric Rehab
            »Vestibular Rehab
            »UE Wound Care
            »Custom Splinting
            »Home Assessment/Home Modifications

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