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Sleep Lab


The Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital Sleep Lab provides a comfortable environment conducive to relaxation and sleep. It has a tastefully decorated, non-clinical atmosphere much like a home or a nicely furnished hotel room. The facility has a living room-style waiting area, two bedrooms, a staff office, and a small kitchen area for light snacks. Each bedroom is furnished with a comfortable recliner chair and has a private bathroom with shower.

Sleep studies are conducted according to the patient’s normal sleep pattern, including those who normally work nights and sleep during the day.


The lab operates Wednesday through Saturday. Appointments can be scheduled on other days to accommodate special circumstances, but the general schedule is compatible with most schedules.


The Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital Sleep Lab is located in the Medical Office Building adjacent to the Women's Imaging Center.  It is accessed by entering through the main east entrance to the Medical Office Building (attached to the south side of Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital), and taking the stairs or single elevator to the 2nd floor.  The entrance to the Sleep Lab is east of the elevator on the 2nd floor.

Click here for a map on how to get to the Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital Sleep Lab.

Personal Items

You’re welcome to bring clothes, toiletries, snacks, reading material and other similar items.

Sleep Lab Room 1

Sleep Lab Room 2 

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