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Patient Surveys

Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital continually strives to improve our service to patients. A key part of the quality improvement process is access to information about how patients feel they are treated during their stay with us. To assist us with our quality improvement process, you may receive a phone call after having been a patient. This call would come from Professional Research Consultants (PRC), the survey firm Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital has partnered with to perform our patient surveys. PRC will ask questions related to your experience at the hospital, whether for an inpatient stay or an outpatient procedure. PRC will never ask for Social Security numbers.

We are confident in PRC’s surveying techniques, as they meet all patient privacy requirements, have a long history of providing high quality survey services and have been retained by over 300 hospitals nationwide.

If you are called by PRC, we hope that you will feel confident to answer the survey, knowing that all surveys are 100% confidential and responses are reported back to us only in aggregate form. The only way Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital personnel know a patient has been surveyed is if the patient specifically requests a staff member to contact them.

Your participation in Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital’s patient satisfaction telephone survey will help us to improve our services. This helps all people in need of healthcare. If you have questions or concerns about the patient survey process, please contact us at 231- 845-2350.
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