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Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital Volunteers are involved in numerous fundraising projects to raise money in support of the Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital Foundation to help the hospital acquire the latest medical technology and develop new clinical services. For volunteers who enjoy planning events, decorating, mingling with staff and the community, working on fundraisers is a great way to have fun and make a big impact to improve local healthcare.

Gift Shop

Located within the main lobby of Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital, the Gift Shop stocks a wide variety of unique gift items, trendy sterling silver jewelry, popular toys and plush animals, as well as flowers, cards, candy, gum and little “pick me ups” that are perfect for bringing a smile to patients. Gift shop items are offered at very reasonable prices and many customers have become loyal shoppers that return again and again for hard-to-duplicate gifts.

Vendor Sales

Each month, the Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital volunteers hold a vendor sale at the hospital to raise money for special projects. Unique sale items from national vendors provide a unique shopping experience for the public and hospital staff alike. These sales feature items such as medical uniforms, jewelry, flowers, books, gift items, shoes, candy, $5 items, etc. The Volunteer organization receives a portion of the vendor’s profits.

Special Fundraising Projects

Various fundraising projects are planned and held periodically by the Special Projects Committee. In addition to the vendor sales and gift shop, these fundraisers help the Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital Volunteers meet fundraising commitments and are a lot of fun to work on!

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