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Value of Volunteers

Estimates of the value of a volunteer often calculate the hourly value of a volunteer’s time, multiplied by the hours volunteered. Such calculations are available in all types of formats, broken down by state, type of work, etc. One source that provides these calculations and estimates is the Independent Sector.

Using these calculations as a foundation and adjusting them based on our own particular volunteers and the tasks they are doing for us, Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital can very conservatively estimate that our volunteers, who collectively donated 18,303 hours in the past 12 months, provided over $180,000 in monetary value to the organization during the past year. The number of hours donated is the equivalent of nearly nine full-time workers!

For those who like numbers, and like to calculate these types of things, these are awesome numbers and do serve to quantify what our volunteers give to us.

But what these calculations do not tell is the real value of a volunteer based upon the heartprint he or she leaves on a patient, family member or staff person.

Watching a volunteer carefully wheel an ambulatory surgery patient out to their car, carefully ensuring the patient is comfortable and has all of their belongings and all the information needed for discharge tells the real story of that volunteer’s value.

Hearing a volunteer tell the story of when she approached a crying man in the lobby to see if there was anything she could do for him or any help she could give tells the real story of that volunteer’s value.

Having a group of volunteers come to help at a fundraiser to earn funds for purchase of a state-of-the-art fetal monitoring system tells the real story of those volunteers’ value.

At Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital, we see, hear and witness these stories every day, and hundreds more just like them, because we have over 120 volunteers who help us in our mission to enhance life through exceptional healthcare.

And that’s the real value of a volunteer!

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